The above link explains the mission and vision of the Southern Baptist Convention.

We at TBC support the missions of the SBC by giving each month to their support – statewide and globally.

Here are the missionaries that we also support either in prayer or with finances:

PHILLIPINES MISSION Loreto and Judy Tarlit (Gwen Koepsel’s parents) –

tact ministry@yahoo.com

phil1 phil2

THE WHITES in the ME with the SBC IMB –


jjtm1 lltm2

THE STRANGES in East Asia with the SBC IMB –


strange family


CATHY – Closed country in Asia –


Cathy serves as a missionary with Pioneers.  She has worked in a closed country in Asia with an unreached Muslim people group since 1999.  She previously served on a Church planting team with the primary role of evangelism among Muslims.  During this time she taught English to university students, helped with language coaching for new missionary language learners, and sought to be an encouragement to young believers from a Muslim background.  She now works in Pioneers media ministry focused on the above mentioned Muslim people group.  The goal of the media team is to use internet and media to broadly sow the word of God among this Muslim people group- most of whom do not yet know that God’s word is available in their language and have yet to hear the gospel even for the first time.

Tian Chi May 2008 012

DAVID & MELISSA CURTIS & JOHN DAVID AND ELIZABETH – Going to France in the next year –


curtis 1 curtis 2 curtis 4

BETTY CASAD – missionary to the Cora Indians in Montrose and Gunnison –



Eugene Casad, of Escondido, CA, and Betty Davis, of Denton, TX, met while attending classes to prepare them to do Bible translation among a people group whose language had not yet been written.  Each joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) as a single person.  They were married in August, 1968, and went to Mexico together, where Gene had already been conducting language surveys, with an eye open as to which community God would send him.  The Cora people (or Naáyari, as they call themselves) of the state of Nayarit caught his attention.

In the early 1990?s they lived in Montrose, CO, where they found many Cora people.  At that time they revised, polished, and completed the New Testament.  Betty served with a volunteer organization that helped women of other nationalities with doctor appointments, especially those who were pregnant.  She developed friendships with a number of Cora women.

The El Nayar New Testament was published in 1999.  Gene took some boxes of these books to Gunnison, CO, because quite a few of the Coras they had known in Montrose had moved to Gunnison.  He left some boxes at the Trinity Baptist Church in Gunnison.

Gene passed into the presence of His Savior in February, 2011, after 13 years of progressive chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  He was working on the Cora dictionary until the day he entered the hospital for the last time.

As a widow, Betty felt the Lord nudging her to continue as best she could in the Cora program.  She returned in September, at which time she offered a Bible study class.  A small but interested group met regularly for that.  She also became acquainted with people in the community who work with Cora people, especially teachers, and spoke to ELL classes at the elementary and middle school. In August and September of 2013, Betty returned to Gunnison.

















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